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Using Foreman with Upstart & Capistrano

Foreman is a great tool for running multiple processes along side your rails project. Processes like Redis, Sidekiq, Faye or any other process that doesn’t run within Rails itself. Foreman runs in your development environment as well as your production environments. To […]

User does not respond to ‘devise’ method

I’ve recently went back to an old project and it seems to have stopped working giving me this error:

[read full stack trace at: gist] Since I didn’t really change anything, I was surprised to see […]

Stripping ASCII colour from a ruby string

I spent a few good hours trying to figure out how to strip a coloured ruby string: which comes out as this: >> p t”2 scenarios (e[33m2 undefinede[0m), 7 steps (e[36m2 skippede[0m, e[33m3 undefinede[0m, e[32m2 […]

Error with fsevent and autospec (on Mac)

Today I’ve upgraded my gems and noticed that when running my autospec I get an odd error: [01:09:25 /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-ole-1.2.10/lib/ole/storage/base.rb:146:load] WARN   root name was “R” And my autospec would keep printing out: sh: line 1: […]

Rails 2.3 Templates on Windows

In Rails 2.3, templates are simple ruby files containing DSL for adding plugins, gems, initializers, etc. to your freshly created Rails project. To apply the template, you need to provide the rails generator with location […]

Installing/Updating SQLite3 on Windows

Installing SQLite3 DLL To install SQLite3 in windows you require not only the gem but a DLL files in your system PATH (or in your windows/system32 folder). To obtain the DLL, go to: I […]